By Mark Drum

I’m just calling it like Julie Chen. It’s official. The Nerd Herd 2.0 is in the Big Brother House. Remember the first nerd herd, well this one is more crazy and they aren’t playing for the sake of “Cappie.” I was looking forward to tonight’s episode but knew sadly that there was very little hope for Candice to survive and Amanda to be voted out. But a bigger jury will only mean more drama as well as another chance for one of them to return to the house. The subtle clues from Julie Chen made it clear that the producers are taking a note from Big Brother Canada and will be doing a power shift where viewers will get to vote a jury member back in. Hopefully the houseguest won’t vote in full confidence for someone they didn’t want to give the money to and say they’re vote is 110 percent secure. I digress. Last night’s episode was filled with varying emotions from all the houseguests.

Candice & Jessie Want Amanda Out

It’s sad that Candice couldn’t fight until the very end to ensure votes to evict Amanda. Jessie really tried to make a get votes to evict Amanda as well. Surprised that they finally announced a final four announcement from McManda, Andy & Judd. Ironically the “Queen” of the group Amanda wants to get Judd out. I’m sad that we didn’t get to see a goodbye message for Candice. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a few would just start bad mouthing her in their goodbye message. But we clearly saw how Aaryn & GinaMarie felt for Candice. I was cracking up that Candice used her speech to attack GinaMarie and GinaMarie just fired right back at her. Poor Julie Chen, having to play parent and wrangler. I can’t wait to see GinaMarie and Candice in the jury house!

The New Nerd Herd

This group is clear as night and day. We’ve got Helen, McCrae, Andy and Amanda as the new heard. Elissa, GinaMarie and Aaryn could be a part of this but they’re more like the followers of their friends in this group. So they’d be known through association. I’m really hoping that Spencer or Jessie can pull a win and shake this house up from the herd. not of a fan of herds. However one thing is certain, Helen calling Aaryn the new “Janelle,” is very inaccurate. Besides why can’t Aaryn just be herself? But this new Nerd Herd, has been ridiculous and very difficult to watch. I’m hoping we see an implosion on this group sooner, rather than later.

Aaryn Rises To Power While Judd Is Blindsided

I have to be honest, I wasn’t blindsided by Judd being eliminated because in the live feeds the new Nerd Herd have been plotting to get him out. Another reason why it’s good to have the Live Feeds because you won’t be surprised by some decisions. However I was surprised that Aaryn won HOH, but it wasn’t a surprise that she had Helen in her ear the whole time. So in theory my prediction of Helen winning HOH was slightly correct. During the POV I was shocked again at how quickly Aaryn won that competition. Even though Aaryn has said some unkind things she’s in this game to win. Now all these tears for Judd’s nomination were all croc tears and nothing more than a facade to keep up. Most importantly poor Judd having to leave the Big Brother House without even getting a chance to pack. Fun Fact, he’ll probably get his belongings during the next HOH competition, or the little elves of production magically get his things out. Speaking of the little elves of productions, anyone see how quickly the took away the three nomination couch and brought in the classic two chair nominations!?!

Power Ratings Of The Houseguests

We’re half way thru the season and here’s how I stack the current houseguests left in the game:

  1. Helen – She’s been slowly influencing the house to do her bidding and her political backgrounds helping her sway votes in her favor. But she could easily fall from the top of this rankings when and if her houseguests see her as a threat.
  2. Amanda – She has been outspoken and emotional but usually for the sake of the game. However those are also both her weaknesses, luckily she has McCrae to keep her in check, but even then that’s becoming a slow ticking time bomb. Which won’t need pretty if McCrae were to betray Amanda.
  3. McCrae – The other part of the showmance power couple. I personally would like to see McCrae cut ties with Amanda. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next for McManda.
  4. Andy – I may not be a fan of the way he’s playing the game, but Andy is playing the game and being a strong contender for the $500,000 prize.
  5. Elissa – Now that she hasn’t been BBMVP, Elissa has been a little flat and one note in the game. She is however protected by her alliance and hasn’t really stirred any drama or controversy.
  6. Aaryn – She may how won the HOH but really has been trying to please the house (or just Helen & Amanda) on the nominations. I’ll be sad when she becomes the first casualty of the totem pole in terms of power.
  7. Spencer – Just coasting but continually being nominated to be evicted. I would be concerned since there are now three guys left, he should consider forming a final three guy alliance with the other two boys.
  8. GinaMarie – By fluke won HOH last week, but didn’t really do much to change the game. made a typical move and followed the crowd/herd.
  9. Jessie – Definitely an outsider looking into the new Nerd Herd.. I’ll be surprised if she makes it past next week and here’s hoping she can convince people to make a power shift move.

Mid-way Prediction Of The Winner

Out of the houseguests left in the house it seems to be Elissa’s game to lose, she’s currently in a good alliance, she hasn’t really had much “blood on her hands” and the BBMVP twist is over. Even though I’ve ranked her in the middle, those in the middle usually sneak their way into the top. So I won’t be surprised if Elissa gets herself to the finale. Another dark horse will be Aaryn, she may have many houseguests not like her words but Aaryn has been playing the game winning HOHs, POV, keeping the target bigger on her and managing to escape evictions. One thing is for sure those, it’s beginning to be a season where it’s a ladies win to lose for the title of Big Brother.

My Prediction For HOH & Nominations

Still putting my prediction on Andy to win. Now his nominations will probably be the safe choices of Spencer and Jessie. They’re completely out of the circle and this shouldn’t be a surprise. Andy isn’t one to ruffle any feathers, but I’m hoping in the off-chance he does have some fight in him, Andy will nominate McManda for eviction.

I look forward to the next episode because I wonder if they’ll have Judd do some diary room scenes before his departure is shown in a flashback. But we’ll just have to wait and tune in Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS 62!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email


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