DETROIT (WWJ) –  Some of the stars from Transformers — and we don’t mean the actors, are on display in downtown Detroit.

Optimus Prime, the 2014 Bumble Bee concept Camero and several sports cars were drawing a crowd near the Transformers movie set at Clifford and Adams.

Andrea Foster of Detroit loved the cars: “I’ve seen the three million dollar Bugatti, the new Camero concept, which is a bumble bee, and I’ve seen Optimus Prime.”

But not everyone was looking at the cars on the set, Ebony Owens was there to see star Mark Wahlberg, “I’m a big fan of his, even when he was … Marky-Mark,” said Owens. “I never got a chance to see him when he was Marky Mark. So, I was hoping that I could see him now.”

Asked if she preferred his acting or muscle, Owens laughed, “I think it’s the muscle.”

Letrisha Stollard of Ypsilanti was among those who took a look…”Love Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee is my favorite,” she said.

Stollard and her kids are big Transformers fans – they were among many who took pictures.

Transformers 4  the Michael Bey-directed blockbuster has been filming in Michigan and will hit the big screens in June 2014.


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