DETROIT (CBS Detroit) What do you guys have to do to get to a World Series?

That question was posed to Torii Hunter during an interview Tuesday with the MLB network. And a typically ebullient Hunter praised Miguel Cabrera, former teammate Mike Trout, and Austin Jackson, pitchers Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander.

He said he’s happy to play with Detroit so he doesn’t have to face those guys anymore, adding he laughs at former teammates who strike out against the Tigers’ formidable bullpen. “I’m having a blast,” he said, laughing, and adding “I haven’t had this much fun in a long … since 2002.”

He praised Miguel Cabrera as the “best hitter on the planet” and Victor Martinez as the “hottest hitter on the planet right now.”

Keeping up the superlatives, one of the hosts described Jim Leyland as the “coolest manager on the planet,” and asked Hunter for some Leyland stories.

“Leyland stories? They’re really not rated PG,” Hunter said. “His stuff is definitely X-rated or Rated-R. This old man is the funniest guy. He has that cigarette, man, I tell you, he’s like an old school pimp. He has the coolest cigarette smoke ever. I gotta say Leyland, man, is probably one of my favorite managers of all time.”

Hunter went on to say:¬†“When we win sometimes he’s excited, he does the moonwalk. Can you believe it? He moonwalks in the clubhouse. I’m like ‘Did anybody just see this?’ this guy is unbelievable, he’s a lot of fun.”

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