By Mark Drum

I was yelling at the TV hoping that Amanda would not get HOH and luckily she didn’t. Once again I predicted correctly about who would win the upcoming HOH. I even correctly predicted the HOH competition. I wasn’t surprised by the twist but was kind of bummed that it wouldn’t be an America’s vote to decide which juror would return into the  Big Brother house. Random side note: Did Spencer only pack one t-shirt? It’s like the “Red U” shirt Dan Gheesling wore all last season. As Jessie leaves for Jury House, Aaryn once again rises to power and Julie Chen can’t count how many times Aaryn has been HOH. It will be interesting to see how this week’s nominations go and who gets evicted. They might be back in the house after just getting voted out.

Jessie Calls Everyone Out

For Helen being a political consultant, she wasn’t able to cover her tracks. I enjoyed Jessie calling out Helen’s gameplay, however it’s a little too late for Jessie. Of course Amanda wanted to stir the pot and expose Helen’s flawed gameplay in getting Amanda out of the house. Which I wonder, when will these houseguests start calling Amanda out and see Amanda start to squirm. I’m not surprised no one has because Amanda has been playing the game very well socially getting to everyone as well as having her little rat Andy tell her any and all information. Jessie even mentions Andy being a rat and he didn’t know what say. GinaMarie caused some unnecessary drama with Aaryn, but friends fight. It’s pretty clear GinaMarie and Aaryn made up when watching the live show as GinaMarie congratulated her “Bunny” on winning HOH.

My Top Three Houseguests

  1. Aaryn – Like I said before, Aaryn is a competitor. Now we’ll see if she’s actually a Big Brother game player because most of her time in power has been controlled by others in the house, mainly Helen. Now that she’s in the “3 AM” alliance will she now be controlled by Amanda? Duh! So it won’t be surprising when we see Amanda is Aaryn’s ear this week.
  2. McCrae – During last week’s Big Brother Live Chat, Jeff Schroeder and Rachel Rielly made a good point about McCrae, he has his Amanda shield to protect him. He’s has yet to be nominated and hasn’t really had blood on his hands like Aaryn has. But after having a strong start in the beginning of the season, his gameplay has been lackluster in the competitions. Hopefully he’ll step up his game and show that he is a super fan of the show.
  3. Amanda – She’s not number one because she hasn’t won a competition yet. She’s not second because she is still seen as a big target. However she is in the top three because of her gameplay. I may not like her personality and how’s it’s being edited in the house, but I do respect how she’s playing this game. Amanda has been able to avoid being a target while on the chopping block as well as getting people who are affecting her game out before they strike her first. Interesting fact; there are a lot of talks going online in the Big Brother circuit that Amanda is good friends with executive producer Allison Grodner and Amanda is a “pre-determined” winner for this season. From a viewers stand point, it’s sure looking like it. As a fan and someone who hopes to be on the show is bummed if this is true because than as aways with the reality tv stigma, “it’s scripted.” Here’s hoping that my favorite summer reality tv show isn’t scripted.

The Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Helen – After being called out by Jessie and now Aaryn on Amanda’s side, it won’t be a surprised if Helen is nominated. Also her game play was exposed and Helen did a horrible job to backpedal in diffusing the situation. If Aaryn were to still trust Helen, then this could be an interesting week.
  2. Elissa – Through association to Helen, she’ll be put up on the block with her. Also Elissa’s gameplay has been non-exisistant. Here’s hoping she’ll win a HOH soon or she can just say hello to the Jury House and decide who’s winning the $500,000 prize. Even her sister, Rachel is just wishing Elissa will start playing the game and making moves because Rachel even considers Elissa a floater.
  3. Andy – I dislike rats, floaters and people who play with emotions in this game. Andy is fitting all these criteria and he’s at the bottom of my list because of it. His HOH week was a wash and a safe one at that. Andy should have listened to Helen by putting up Amanda & McCrae. Or at least targeting strong players. Andy could have even nominated Helen & Elissa. But choose to go with what Amanda wanted and made sure Jessie was sent packing.

Prediction For Nominations

I’m thinking Spencer and GinaMarie, who are both pawns and then to backdoor Helen after Aaryn or one of the two nominees win POV. In a perfect scenario, Amanda and McCrae get nominated, then during the POV competition McCrae wins it but uses it to save himself from the block. Which would than squash the showmance of McManda and to further put a target on Amanda. But I really do hope Aaryn weighs her different scenarios, does what’s best for her game and not be controlled by other houseguests. This is Aaryn’s week as HOH and after winning a fourth time she should start thinking about her own end game as oppose to others imposing their endgame strategies to her.

I really hope ZingBot3000 makes a visit this week, maybe even for the POV. I just want to hear some zings about McManda and GinaMarie. We’ll just have to tune in Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS 62 to see what happens next!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email

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