By Sandra McNeill

MOUNT CLEMENS (WWJ) – The Macomb County Animal Shelter is offering free spaying or neutering surgery for pets in Mount Clemens and northern Clinton Township.

Chief Animal Control Officer Jeff Randazzo said they’re able to offer the program through a $200,000 grant that the shelter received.

And, if residents can’t bring in their pets in for surgery, they’ll send over a mobile clinic.

“It can hold up to 30 animals,” Randazzo told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill.  “We actually do the spay and neutering right on sight within the surgery suite.  So just kind of picture a large RV and inside of it is set up as a surgical suite.”

Mount Clemens and Clinton Township have the worst rates for spaying and neutering, said Randazzo.

And, he said, pet care hasn’t been easy for all in these economic times.

“With the economic climate, a lot of people are trying to juggle their bills let alone have to juggle having their animals spayed and neutered because it could be very expensive,” Randazzo said.

“We have 90 dogs and 77 cats [at the shelter],” Randazzo added.  “There is no excuse why we constantly are having all these homeless animals if we all just do the responsible thing and spay and neuter our animals.”

It’s his goal to cater to over 600 dogs and 1,100 cats over the next year.

Get more information or register for the free spay/neuter program at this link.


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