By: Terry Foster

We’ve talked a lot lately about who is Detroit’s best All-Time Athlete. It is a tough debate and I could do the list 10 days from now and switch things around. That is how close it is.

Make your own list. Here is mine.

1. Joe Louis (boxer): The impact he made on our nation is something that can never be duplicated in any sport.
2. Isiah Thomas (Pistons): He willed the Pistons into champions with grit on and off the court.
3. Barry Sanders (Lions): Never won a title but was easily the most exciting athlete in our history.
4. Gordie Howe (Red Wings): He could score and was tough as nails.
5. Steve Yzerman (Red Wings): He was an amazing talent that sacrificed his game to become a champion.
6. Miguel Cabrera (Tigers): The best hitter in baseball and best hitter in Tigers history.
7. Ty Cobb (Tigers): Great hitter but was not a great man.
8. Dave Bing (Pistons): Ok so he is not a great mayor. Dude could ball.
9. Calvin Johnson (Lions): It would be a shame if he left here without a title.
10. Terry Sawchuk (Red Wings): You can argue he was the best goalie in NHL history.
I would love to know your list.
(I can be reached at Twitter: TerryFoster971)


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