LANSING (WWJ) – Just ahead of the start of school the Michigan Department of Education is out with a new system to show how well schools are doing in the classroom.

It’s a color coded system to hold schools accountable under the No Child Left Behind act.

The new system assigns each school a color — green, lime, yellow, orange or red — based on their overall performance in multiple categories.

Find each school’s score on the list: CLICK HERE(List downloads in .xls format)

What The Colors Mean:

Green – attain 85 percent or greater of possible points
Lime – attain at least 70 percent but less than 85 percent of possible points
Yellow – attain at least 60 percent but less than 70 percent of possible points
Orange – attain at least 50 percent but less than 60 percent of possible points
Red – attain less than 50 percent of possible points

“This new color-coded system provides a meaningful diagnostic tool that gives schools, districts, parents, and the public an easy way to identify strengths and weaknesses,” said State Superintendent Mike Flanagan, in a media release. “It provides greater transparency and detail on multiple levels of school performance.”

A total of 3,397 schools and 873 districts received scorecards. Approximately three percent of schools received a green scorecard, 15 percent received red scorecards and 82 percent received yellow, orange or lime green scorecards.

According to the state, the new system holds schools accountable for the academic growth of their lowest-performing 30 percent of students.

“This is expected to have schools focusing on every student’s academic growth,” Flanagan said. “We believe that every school can reach these goals.”

More Information:

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