Trying To Get Tim Tebow To Say “God Bless”

By: Jeff Riger

No matter what you think of Tim Tebow, whether you love him or hate him, there seems to be a pretty good chance that if you talk to him he will leave you with a message he has become famous for: “God Bless.”

Thursday night after the Lions trampled the Patriots 40-9 in preseason game #3, I decided to head into the New England locker room to talk to Tebow, and for good reason. He didn’t’ play a second of action in the game; he is a week away from potentially getting cut; and I truly wondered if I could get him to say “God Bless.”

When I approached Tebow he was already addressing the media…

He was asked, “Did you hear the Ford Field crowd chanting your name?”

Tebow answered, “I try not to pay attention and just focus on the plays and learning what they’re doing and trying to get a rep every time. You might not be on the field but you can still get a rep.”

I asked, “How frustrated are you that you didn’t get a chance to play, and that your time as a Patriot might be coming to an end?”

“No, I’m a blessed individual, I’m happy to be here and whatever I’m asked to do, I’m going to do,” Tebow said.

Just because Tebow wasn’t frustrated doesn’t mean that I wasn’t. It was getting late in the interview and all I was able to get the former Gator, Bronco and Jet to say was “blessed.” I obviously needed more and I really wasn’t sure if I was going to get it.

What a letdown it would be. Tebow has said “God Bless” to everybody I have ever seen interview him.

Could he really not say it to us: a group of reporters standing around a locker room in Detroit? We deserved it as much as anybody!

And then — after about 3 minutes — the interview ended.

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