TROY (WWJ) A metro Detroit couple almost made it to the hospital in time for the delivery of their baby — but not quite.

Little Joshua Wanagat was in such a hurry to be born just before six a.m. Monday, he ended up making his entrance in the parking lot of William Beaumont Hospital in Troy – instead of inside the actual building.

Luckily, for Joshua and his parents, nurse Colleen Joseph was walking into work when she heard screaming from the car behind her.

“As soon as I opened the door, there she was sitting and I could see the baby crowning,” Joseph said. “The mom was like ‘I feel like I want to push, I want to push,’ and so from that point we just kind of kicked in, we put the seat down and once the seat went down, the baby just wanted to come out so we just turned his little head and he just kind of moved his way out.”

A team from labor and delivery quickly swooped in to take care of Joshua and his mother.

Everyone is doing fine.

By the way, Joseph works as nurse educator in Cardiac care – not labor and delivery.
She says her nursing instincts kicked in and that’s what helped her deliver the baby – the first in her 23 years of being a nurse.


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