FLINT (AP) – A new club at Kettering University in Flint wants to start a conversation about the possibility of allowing people to carry concealed firearms on campus.

Kettering Students for Concealed Carry became an official university club Aug. 1, The Flint Journal reported. Kaity Huff, the group’s vice president, said college campuses are usually safer than other public places, but “anything can happen.”

“Calling this a gun-free space won’t stop a crazy person,” she said.

Michigan law prohibits carrying concealed weapons in classrooms and dorms. Kettering, like most other Michigan colleges, extends the ban across campus. A goal of the effort, the newspaper said, is to allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry on campus.

“We recognize that university policy can’t change overnight,” Huff said. “We really want to promote discussion.”

A group of students has been talking about similar topics since 2011, but they say becoming an official club allows them to reach out to more students. On Tuesday, the club plans an event where members will walk around campus wearing empty holsters and talk about their views.

“It demonstrates that when we are around this campus, we are defenseless,” said Dan Keys, club president.

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns which aims to prevent gun violence, said he agreed with the current university policy of prohibiting firearms.

“The university has already made a determination about its policy based on safety of its students and campus,” Walling said. “I think each institution has the responsibility of setting policies for the public health of their staff and students.”

The school said it is open to hearing from students and takes their concerns seriously.

“As part of the college experience, Kettering University encourages all of its students to engage in causes and issues that they are passionate about,” said Betsy Homsher, Kettering University vice president of student life and dean of students.

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