By: Evan Jankens

Working for 97.1 The Ticket really has its benefits. One of those benefits is being able to poke fun at Jeff Riger and today was no different. For the past year Stoney and Bill host Bill McAllister and our PD Jimmy Powers has been telling Jeff and myself that they could hit a golf ball with an aluminum bat out of Comerica Park.

Seems easy enough right? Well they seemed to think so, Jeff and I really had some doubts. Today the challenge became official. We didn’t make it out to Comerica Park so we took the next best option. West Bloomfield High School. We aren’t really sure how far center field is but we estimated it 360-400 feet.

First up was our PD Jimmy, he started out pretty rough… Next up was Bill… watch the video to see how they did!

Jeff ended up being the butt of the joke, not only did he lose the bet but he made himself look a little foolish as well.  The question also has to be asked, has he put on a few extra pounds?

Also it wasn’t as hard as it looked. I stepped in and crushed one, first swing!


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