By Jeff Riger

By Jeff Riger

As the Tigers start a three-game series in Boston, I feel it’s an opportune time to bring this up.

Let me start by saying that I have never been to Fenway Park.  But I know many people who have … if that counts for anything.

I have never heard anyone speak badly about Fenway.  From the “Green Monster” to the “Pesky Pole,” Fenway Park is one of the all-time gems, supposedly — not only in baseball, but in all of sports.

But I’m not buying it!

You see, the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway and since there is nothing good about the Red Sox that means there is nothing good about their stadium.  I’m sure that there are some very nice, humble, gracious, selfless Sox fans — but I sure haven’t met them.  And, it’s really the fans that have spoiled me on “Red Sox Nation.”

For as long as I can remember, I have been annoyed by “Sawx” fans. They are such a boring species.

All they did was whine, cry and sulk about not having won a World Series since 1918.

So what? There are many franchises that have not won titles. Hell, look at the Lions, they have never been to a Super Bowl but you don’t hear the fans constantly bring it up.

OK … maybe they do, but we are so much better than Sox fans.

It’s like their fans loved being the victims!  Boo-hoo, a ball went through the legs of Bill Buckner in 1986 in game 6.  So what?  Who cares?

Well Sox fans do!  Since ’86, Boston fans feel as if it their God-given right to cry about that one play.  Like no other team or fan base has ever encountered such bad luck.  Plus they could have won game 7 and still have won the series but nobody ever brings that up.

Instead of winning, Sox fans wanted your sympathy, they wanted your shoulder to cry on and after a while their act grew so tiresome.  It’s like Boston fans believed that nobody else deserved to win except for them!  How selfish is that?  And, to make things worse other baseball fans had to deal with documentaries, movies and specials about how tormented Red Sox fans have been.

C’mon … like Ben Affleck, Stephen King, Matt Damon, Jimmy Fallon, Dennis Leary, Marky Mark and Steven Tyler really cared all that much that the “Sawx” could not win a title.

I hate them all — except Steven Tyler, of course.  I love Aerosmith, so I will forgive Tyler’s bad choice in teams.

And then the Red Sox won the World Series and, believe it or not, I was actually happy, thinking their fans would settle down and stop their whining.

But they didn’t!

Instead of being battered, poor, pathetic folks they became cocky, arrogant, blowhards.  They think they understand the game better than you do!  How obnoxious…

And don’t get me started on “Sweet Caroline.”  How played out is that?

So, in closing: I hate Red Sox fans; and, since they play at Fenway Park, well I hate that ball park too!

Happy Labor Day, everybody.


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