Ronnie Lott Takes A Nasty Spill On Live TV

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By: Sara

Former NFL defensive back Ronnie Lott is now a college football analyst for the PAC-12 Network. He got a little overzealous during a post-game show on Saturday night and ended up becoming a highlight. Lott was making a joke, threw his wallet at his co-host and then pushed his chair back to emphasize his point. Unfortunately for Ronnie, the show’s set is up on a platform and you can only go back back back back back for so long before you run out of real estate and end up on the floor with your legs in the air.

Luckily, Lott wasn’t hurt and was able to pop right back up. But it looks like he found out the hard way that his co-hosts don’t give a damn about his well-being because they just kept laughing and never asked if he was ok.

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