By Vickie Thomas

HIGHLAND PARK (WWJ) – Highland Park’s police chief is issuing a warning after a raid on a dollar store.

Chief Kevin said his department raided the Super Dollar Deals store, on Woodward Avenue just a few blocks north of Davison Freeway, because they were selling stolen merchandise from other stores in the city.

“They were reselling stolen items that they gathered from other patrons in our city, and reselling them the customers of our city of Highland Park and other surrounding areas,” he said.

Coney said the raid was sparked by a tip they received from an alert citizen who noticed something fishy at the dollar store.

“We got a tip from somebody who came in our department that said that they saw some items in there that they thought were in another location. So we went over there and the tip was correct,” he said.

According to Coney, the dollar store was reselling items such as laundry detergent, and various store-branded items from CVS Pharmacy.

“Tide, mouthwash from other department stores, razors, things of that nature,” he said.

Coney said the raid should send a strong message to others who are participating in shady business.

“If somebody come in your store and steal, you’d want somebody to do something about it. So, you shouldn’t be buying stolen things and reselling them to our customers,” Coney said.

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas went to the store looking for the owner, who was nowhere to be found. However, she did speak with an employee who claimed to know nothing about the situation.

“I have no idea, I’m just helping him,” the unidentified employee said. “Because he is in court and all that, so I have no idea about what happened here.”


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