By Mark Drum

I find it interesting that these houseguests can say so many contradicting things. Apparently as a viewer we haven’t seen McCrae play the game. Even though it’s been over 77 days, McCrae wants to start playing? That’s like Spencer winning an HOH, oh wait that actually happened now. Since when did Andy admit he had crush on Jeremy? I thought Andy couldn’t stand him. GinaMarie is actually playing and competing during competitions? So many questions, such a headache and more frustration that floaters are left in this house. For the record I do believe Andy has “overestimated his own intelligence,” don’t be mad that Julie calls you out for being a floater and hating to be called one. GinaMarie could possibly be “underestimated,” but like I said before she just needed Nick & Aaryn to be voted out to finally start playing the game. Did anyone else wish the gifts were more punishments?

Double Eviction Flashback

Obviously someone lied to you McCrae. A note to GinaMarie as well as any (future) houseguests should come up with their own one liners. “Get to Steppin’,” in my opinion is overused and doesn’t need to be repeated. I have to give credit to Andy for actually getting McCrae to trust him. McCrae needs to get his head back in this game, putting up Elissa to “please” the house?!?! When did this become the norm? Yet again another reason this season is the “Season of Floaters.” Bowing down to the house just show’s how weak of a player McCrae is as well as the rest of these houseguests in the house.

Funny how these floaters can all gang up on Elissa, when Elissa has been trying to play this game. Granted Elissa’s game is just as “floater” as the exterminator alliance and McCrae. But the fact that she was “Rachel Rielly’s sister,” put a target on her back since day one. Judd winning the veto and using the veto would have been smart. However with his new found Exterminator alliance, Judd was more protected and felt his alliance will take him further in the game. Little does he know that will be a mistake. Then for Spencer to say his excuse to vote for Elissa is because she put him up in the beginning, show’s how lame and how long he can hold a grudge. BBMVP was a failed attempted from the producers because it just turned into a popularity contest. A better twist for BBMVP could have been past BB houseguests (not related to any of the current seasons houseguests) vote for who they believe is playing the game each week. That would be a great twist.

Spencer Becomes HOH!?

So Spencer won HOH, it took seven nominations and 10 weeks for him to finally win a HOH. I guess a win is a win right? I definitely didn’t want to see Spencer’s HOH room. Do we see a possible bromance with Andy & Spencer? Also when did Andy start wearing a sleeveless red plaid shirt? I preferred his graphic t-shirt of the lungs, chest bone and heart. With Spencer’s win, he was also given “gifts,” to hand out to houseguests. Anyone else find it funny that after being tied to Amanda emotionally and physically, McCrae gets tied literally to GinaMarie. It was the first time this season we finally saw a combo diary room confessional. I missed those this season and it was good to finally see one. Even though having a combo diary room confessional could sometimes mean alliances, but in this case a punishment. It would have been more funny and punishment to see Judd doing the exercises in the chicken suit. I was glad to see Andy only win $94.83.

Now during that HOH competition did anyone else notice how enraged Judd got? I’m not surprised by his frustration and could this be a sign of things to come? With the finale in sight these houseguests are fighting to stay in the house.

McCrae Fights To Stay

Now that his “Amanda Shield” has been evicted, McCrae laments that he’s all alone. Aren’t all these houseguests on their own to try and win this game? Anyways, I give credit to McCrae for actually trying to form an alliance with the remaining houseguests. To his lack of knowledge the other four are in an alliance. I was laughing at how quickly the Exterminators will turn quickly against one another even though they’ve made a final four deal. If McCrae were to win POV it would definitely mean that the Exterminator alliance, just like 3AM and The Moving Company will be a complete fail. I like to know how Spencer’s hands were tied in these nominations. Saying that he had to nominate GinaMarie is a cop-out. Spencer in my opinion should have put up Judd & Andy because that would make them fight harder to win the POV, while McCrae would just be trying to protect himself. But Spencer would also assure McCrae that he would be safe then backdoor him when any of the other houseguests won the POV and use on each other to nominate McCrae. That would have been a brilliant move, but we’ll now wait and see how these nominations turn out.

Prediction For POV

With McCrae’s new-found competitive spirit (even though he’s won HOH and POV at the beginning of the season) I believe he will come out with a victory. Also the surprise guest for the POV competition is going to be Mr. “Quack Pack” Ian Terry! Who’s excited? I wonder if he’ll quack his way in or be exterminated.

Prediction For Eviction

If the POV were to be used I believe the replacement nominee would be come the target only if McCrae doesn’t win POV or is taken off the chopping block. I believe GinaMarie is safe this week and next week. GinaMarie is literally playing for second place right now in my opinion. As well as Spencer. Now if the final two were to be Spencer & GinaMarie, I will lose complete faith in this game and wonder how five floaters can get that far in the game.

Do you agree with what I thought of last night’s episode? What did you enjoy about it? Let me know! I love to hear from you the readers! Don’t forget that this Wednesday’s episode at 8 p.m. on CBS 62 is a special eviction episode. We’re drawing closer to the finale and I can only hope that they’ll announce a “casting search,” for Big Brother 16! But in the meantime keep watching and keep discussing!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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