By Ashley Dunkak

FORD FIELD (CBS DETROIT) – When the Minnesota Vikings jumped out to an early lead after Adrian Peterson torched the Detroit Lions defense for a 78-yard touchdown run, the Lions responded quickly  with a 20-yard touchdown strike to the league’s best wide receiver, Calvin Johnson.

One small problem: the score was overturned.

Referee John Parry explained the ruling after the game.

“A player that is going to the ground on his own, which Calvin was on that play, must possess and maintain the possession of the football through the entire act of the catch. The catch did not end in that scenario. When the ball hit the end zone, the ball moved. It rotated. So he didn’t maintain possession of the football.”

“If he would have maintained control of the football throughout the entire process, it’s a touchdown,” Parry added. “But when the ball hit in the end zone, the ball moved. He did not have complete control of the football, which is why it’s incomplete.”


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