What Did Jim Schwartz Think About Joe Fauria’s First NFL Touchdown Dance?

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By Ashley Dunkak

Undrafted free agent Joe Fauria, a tight end out of UCLA, got his first NFL touchdown Sunday, putting the Detroit Lions two scores ahead of the Minnesota Vikings.

He celebrated the occasion with a dance, and once on the sidelines, he ripped off his helmet to reveal a priceless expression of unbridled excitement.

Head coach Jim Schwartz took a long pause before revealing his thoughts on the dance.

“It’s actually on film, and I don’t know if you want that,” Schwartz said. “There’s a reason I don’t dance at weddings and anywhere else – because of cameras. There’s a lot of cameras at NFL games, so I’d just probably leave it at that.”

Aside from Fauria’s show after his touchdown, the future looks good for the big tight end.

“He made very good use of the time he was in,” Schwartz said. “[He] scored the touchdown that was the difference-maker … That, he made a couple other first down catches and did a nice job in his role.

“We’ve said it a long time, the greatest reward is the opportunity to do more,” Schwartz added, “and if he can continue to show that stuff – show it in practice, deliver in games – I think there’s going to be good opportunities for him.”

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