By: Mike Stone

1. Devin Gardner has been compared to Randall Cunningham by many observers, but he reminds me more of Vince Young because of his stride. He seems to have the same type of gait, where he does not look that fast but actually is. I am not suggesting a Heisman Trophy is in his future, but he certainly possesses similar attributes

2. Nate Burleson let his actions back up his words Sunday. Burleson had a stellar under the radar game, catching all six balls he was targeted for 78 yards. He also blocked his butt off. It was a welcome performance from a receiver not named Calvin.

3. I understand that Andrew Maxwell is not the greatest quarterback in the Big 10. He might not even be the best quarterback at Michigan State, but to me he is the Spartans best option for now. It is apparent that Connor Cook cannot pass and Tyler O’Connor is not ready. Maxwell is the more accurate of the three and until Damien Terry is ready for his audition I think Maxwell should be given the reins.

4. I know I am an alarmist, but since the Tigers swept the Indians in early August, they have gone 14-16 and 11-16 against American League teams. I understand the calendar is still in their favor, but they better get back to playing at least .500 ball if they want to make the playoffs, let alone compete for any possible home field advantage. The biggest thing that worries me is their inconsistent offense.

5. How much longer are the Lions going to stick with Brandon Pettigrew? He drops passes and he fumbles. He is not that great a blocker. He needs to either get his act together or be sent somewhere for a draft pick. The problem is that Tony Scheffler has the dropsy’s at times too and Joseph Fauria is not a proficient blocker. Fauria is a definite weapon. Trying to defend the 6 foot 7 rookie in the end zone is extremely difficult.

6. I thought playing the Chicken Dance at the end of the Michigan-Notre Dame game was hilarious. Yes, it might have been a cheap shot, but the Fighting Irish deserve it. I sat with some Notre Dame fans Saturday night and they are livid that the series is ending. One even said to me, “This is what college football is all about, not us playing fricking Navy”


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