By Ashley Dunkak

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh took out the knees of Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan from behind on an interception return Sunday. Sullivan was not injured, but as might be expected, he is perfectly fine with Suh receiving from the NFL the biggest fine ever for an on-field incident – $100,000 – that did not also result in a suspension.

Suh has a long on-field rap sheet, with fines levied against him for everything from roughing the quarterback, stomping on a player and kicking another in the groin. The latest fine, of course, came after Suh committed an illegal block Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings that took away the touchdown on DeAndre Levy’s pick six.

Five-time Pro Bowler and Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen said that he likes Suh and how hard he plays but that the play was uncalled for, one that could end a player’s career and one that has no place in the game.

Detroit linebacker Ashlee Palmer also acknowledged that Suh’s block of Sullivan, who was well behind the play and had no chance of catching Levy, was a bad one.

“Plays like Suh’s, he knew he shouldn’t have done it,” Palmer said. “It was uncalled for. Levy was already in the end zone. [Suh] apologized to us, and we have his back, regardless, 100 percent, of what the outcome of it was. [We] put it in the past and move forward from it.”

Six-time Pro Bowler and former Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday – who also played against Suh several times during his year as a Green Bay Packer – is not so forgiving.


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