By Mark Drum

Is anyone else relieved that this season will be over next week? The extra long season was a great idea, but as I’ve mentioned previously, this season was a bunch of floaters. And they continue to float through this episode even with only five people remaining. Honestly Judd’s eviction was such a waste. If Spencer was smart he would have put up the rat, Andy, up for eviction and sent packing. These floaters have definitely lived up to their name. They’ve also surprised me that they can actually play the game … when there are no threats.

Buttering Up McCrae

Encouraging a nominated houseguest is safe with only two votes isn’t reassuring in my opinion. Even McCrae knew he had to win POV to ensure his own safety. I found it as not a surprise that Spencer would immediately throw Judd under the bus for worst case scenario options. I personally think there is a new showmance in the house and it’s a bromance of the Gingers. Spencer blatantly told Judd he would put him up and not even think of putting Andy. Spencer did make a good point of trust, but in all fairness Judd is more trustworthy than a rat, I mean Andy. Spencer needs to remember end game scenarios now. With Andy inching closer to the finale, he’s making a strong case for himself to win over Spencer. Even GinaMarie too, surprisingly, but these five continue to float in this game.

Mr. Ian Terry Returns

Surprised we didn’t see Frank from last season either with a cheerleading unitard. Ian Terry’s return was a surprise to me, I was hoping for Dr. Will or Chicken George or an earlier contestant of the show. But they brought back last years winner to host the POV. Did anyone else feel like it was way to forced for the viewers? I would agree with Ian that it was weird to see him back in the house. Also GinaMarie calling out how she was attracted to him. I wonder if Nick is finally able to  breathe knowing GinaMarie has a crush on another contestant of the show, but form a previous season.

Judd’s Reverse Psychology Fail

Now Judd should have definitely helped Spencer of Andy in the puzzle, but he should have been playing the POV like he was on the chopping block. Face palm with Judd’s game play. What was he thinking with that speech? It was an epic fail trying to convince houseguests to vote for him to stay or during the POV wanting to make the last word during McCrae’s POV ceremony.. Did Judd not learn anything from Dan Gheesling’s BB Funeral from last season? Also face palm to Julie Chen. Does she forget that even though some things are scripted for the show it doesn’t always work for each player. Judd’s been a member of the jury and honestly it was only a matter of time until he returned. Hopefully he can endure all that estrogen in the jury house.

My Prediction For Nomination, POV & Eviction

Well Andy the Rat won another HOH. I was really hoping that McCrae would have won and to see the backstabbing that could have happened between the Exterminators and McCrae if he had one HOH.  But for Andy the most obvious choices are Spencer & McCrae leaving GinaMarie with the deciding vote. As for POV I won’t be surprised when McCrae win’s it and forcing GinaMarie to go up. Then I imagine somewhere in this scramble vote a plea to stay is that there’s a guy’s alliance, which means GinaMarie gets evicted. But those are my predictions, what are some of your’s before tonight’s eviction?

My Vote For America’s Favorite Player

No one because it’s just going to be a popularity contest with Elissa just winning it thanks to the Brenchel Army. Do I think she’s also deserving of it? No! I honestly think none of these houseguests are deserving to be America’s Favorite Player. Many of them floated their way to Jury or were evicted to early in the game for use to even know their potential. If I had to just choose, I would say give the money to charity, maybe to a worthy cause like teaching others to be kind to one another and end bullying. However who do you think deserves to win the $25K for this season?

But we’ll have to wait and see next Wednesday on CBS 62 to see who will be crowd this season’s champion, America’s Favorite player and seeing all 16 houseguests again! Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday for highlights of the show as seen by the final three contestants.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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