DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Bob Bashara’s mistress was back on the stand in Wayne County Circuit Court Thursday, testifying about his behavior after his wife’s disappearance and the third party in their extra-marital relationship.

On Jan. 25, 2012, the day after his wife Jane Bashara’s lifeless body was stuffed in her car and left in a Detroit alley, Bob Bashara called her to make sure she — and the other woman they were courting to join their relationship as a threesome — didn’t contact him directly, according to testimony by Rachel Gillette, Bashara’s girlfriend.

“He told me to contact Janet (the third woman) and tell her not to text him or call him because with Jane still missing … until he hears something, he wanted to keep his phones clear … I don’t know if he said ‘clean’ or ‘clear,’ Gillette testified.

She said he also told her he was worried he would be blamed in his wife’s disappearance; her body had not yet been discovered.

The day her body was found, Bashara asked Gillette to come to his Grosse Pointe house to be with him, she said. She refused, but did join a candlelight vigil later in Jane Bashara’s honor, Gillette said.

“A lot of people were gathered at his house, and he said it would be OK if I came, nobody would notice,” Gillette said.

Gillette said she’d tried to break off her relationship with Bashara several times, but he always talked her out of it.

Eventually, she said, they decided to buy a house together and even picked out one they liked.  But plans to move in together were again and again delayed.

“It changed several times. It was supposed to be, originally, early December, I think,” she said. “Then it changed to late December; then it changed to early January …. The final closing date was January 27,” — three days after Jane Bashara died.

Gillette said several days before the body was found she’d asked to see divorce papers.

On Wednesday, Gillette testified she met Bashara through an alternative lifestyle website, and as part of their sexual relationship, they had “breath play,” where they choked each other for pleasure.

The third woman in their relationship, Janet Leehmann, testified that Bashara courted her by sending her one of his T-shirts to wear, and a small gold chain that showed he “owned her.” She also met him through a bondage website and said they also participated in “breath play.”

“I like to choke her just enough to make her woozy,” Bashara allegedly wrote to Janet Leehmann about an episode he shared with Leehmann and Gillette.

Another pal from the bondage scene, Patrick Webb, said Bashara and Gillette attended private BDSM parties together hosted at his home. Webb said Bashara told him at one point in late 2011 that he was about to “come into some money” and mentioned at another time he wanted to “get rid of” his wife.

Bob Bashara is charged with hiring handyman Joe Gentz to kill Jane Bashara — who was strangled to death in her garage before her body dumped in her SUV, police believe.

Gentz confessed to the crime; Bashara is suspected of then trying to hire a hit man to kill Gentz.

Gillette’s testimony followed that of the Basharas’ daughter Jessica, who spoke at length Wednesday about the problems in her parents’ marriage, her discovery of his porn habit, dirty texts she found between her father and his girlfriend.

The preliminary exam is expected to last through Friday.

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