DETROIT (WWJ) – It was a brutal act of animal cruelty: A dog, found in southwest Detroit, had been stabbed and skinned alive.

The small Jack Russell terrier mix is being cared for Friday in Ann Arbor, after being rescued by Detroit police and “Providing for Paws,” a rescue group based in Garden City.

When she was found Thursday afternoon by a resident — on the 2800 block of Woodmere Street, across from Patton Park — the 10-pound dog had a large patch of fur cleanly skinned from her neck and a stab wound to her side.

Veterinarian Amanda Houk with Patty following more than five hours of surgery. (credit: Pat Sweeting/WWJ)

Veterinarian Amanda Houk with Patty following more than five hours of surgery. (credit: Pat Sweeting/WWJ)

“Her skin is hanging off the side her body and is clean-cut from the back of her neck to her ears. This was not an accident. The cuts are perfect and deliberate,” said Providing for Paws president and founder Joanne Dixon.

“We don’t understand who would do this or why,” Dixon told WWJ Newsradio 950. “And any leads we can get to whoever did this, we are going to be offering a reward of $1,000 at this point.”

Dixon said the little dog is definitely somebody’s pet.

“Her toenails are painted pink, so we’re pretty sure that she was owned,” Dixon said. “Maybe she got loose from her yard, or somebody possibly stole her, and we believe that there is an owner probably looking for her.”

Dixon said the dog is about four years old. They’ve nicknamed her “Patty.”

Although she underwent more than five hours of surgery and is doing better, veterinarians will not be able to reattach Patty’s fur.

She was reported in stable condition on Friday.

Anyone who believes Patty may be their lost or stolen pet or has information about her injuries is asked to contact Providing For Paws at 734-765-8989.

Donations to cover Patty’s care are pouring in. If you’d like to help, visit this link.  Donations to the rescue group can be sent to P.O Box 432, Garden City, MI 48135.

You can see photos of the dog’s injuries at on the rescue group’s Facebook page. Please note: The photos are graphic and may be disturbing.

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