By Greg Bowman

By Greg Bowman

DETROIT (WWJ) – Michigan and Motown are known around the world for music, producing acts like The Supremes, Four Tops, Temptations — and more recently, Kid Rock and Eminem.

Now a collaboration called “Michigan Made Music” is working to produce a new generation of artists.

“I think we have much bigger hopes than just a record deal or money or a nice car,” said musician and producer Greg Martini, one of the Co-Founders of Michigan Made Music. “We really want to change the way people think. We want to bring people together,” said Martini. “I think that is something this city needs right now, and something the world needs right now. The unity and love. And I think there’s no better platform for that than music.”

Michigan Made Music has just produced its debut album, “Listen,” which brings together over 30 Michigan artists and producers on 17 tracks. And believe it or not, Martini says, “There’s never been a major record titled ‘Listen.’ And we thought that was a brilliant concept. We brought together artists and producers from all over the state. And we just wanted people to listen.”

“Listen” is available for free download on Soundcloud or for a donation through iTunes.

One hundred percent of the donations from iTunes go to the Sean Anderson Foundation, which raises money for students in the Detroit Public Schools and disadvantaged young people across the country.

Get more information and updated on Michigan Made Music on Facebook HERE.


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