PONTIAC (WWJ) – Oakland County Exec L. Brooks Patterson is recuperating again – this time after breaking his elbow. County spokesman Bill Mullan explains:

“He was attending an event that Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel was hosting … and Brooks was getting out of the car on his own and well suddenly, his elbow met with the ground,” said Mullan.

Patterson, who is still in a wheelchair after a serious accident over a year ago, hasn’t slowed down a bit – keeping a full schedule this week including a black tie affair tonight.

The bad luck continues for Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. Earlier this week he fell getting out of the car at a fundraising event and broke his elbow. According to county spokesman Bill Mullan, Patterson is keeping a sense of humor about it …

“He joked to everyone that … he fell to the ground and looked up and saw Sheriff Bouchard running away,” Mullan said.

Patterson is still in a wheelchair following a horrific car crash a year ago. The exec isn’t slowing down though – he kept a full schedule this week.

Bill Mullan confirms the story. Says he fell getting out of a car. Went on with his night and didn’t have doctors confirm the break until the next day. He’s now sporting a half-cast and continues to be very busy. He hasn’t let the elbow problem interfere with his schedule in any way. The fall had nothing to do with the car accident. It was just a fluke.


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