Jill Washburn had a chance to sit down with Steve Harvey to talk about what to expect on this season of THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW.

Steve always showing his love for Detroit, talks about his upcoming Mentoring Program coming here September 27th – 29th.

When asked if he thought his show would be a success he says you have to have faith. “Faith is believing in something you can’t see. I didn’t see it, but I believed that if i was given the opportunity I would probably be really good at it. I’ve lived such a life that experienced me in so many areas, marriage failure, parenting, success, homelessness, i’ve had the whole gamut, so it’s prepared me for a daytime show.

The proudest thing that Harvey has done with the show is  creating a show that centered around everyday people. “I just think that everyday people are far more interesting and if you give them a chance to show the heroes out there, the people looking to be reunited with somebody, the people who are genuinely grateful for what someone has done for them and then provide a spark of laughter during the daytime from a male persecutive that what people want to see.”

Steve says he’ll always be striving for something, he will never be done. “You have to have a dream or a vision or it’s a wrap!” Steve goes on to say “but I’ll never be Oprah, I won’t make 1 Billions Dollars, but I will take like $800 Million!”

This week’s highlights include breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for largest First Date, helping women conquer the fear of turning 40, singer Michael Bublé stops by the show and Steve has an open conversation with a group of teenage boys about sex.

Catch The Steve Harvey Show, Weekdays at 3 p.m. on CBS 62, WWJ-TV.


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