Following the Lions’ 25-21 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, former coach and Michigan native Tony Dungy used a term that Detroit football fans have become accustom to.

Same Old Lions, or S.O.L.

Dungy, an NFL analyst for NBC was asked what his opinion was following the disappointing loss and sounded just like any other Lions fan.

“As a life-long Lions fan growing up, S.O.L., Same Old Lions,” Dungy said. “They had a chance; they got the lead on the road in a game you need and they just couldn’t finish.”

Terry Foster of 97.1 The Ticket gave his opinion of what the term means on his radio show Tuesday.

“It’s them playing a game that they should win,” Foster said. “They’re the better team, but as the game boils down to the last few moments. I know a major penalty is coming up to stall a drive or keep a drive going for the opponent.”

Co-host Mike Valenti boiled it down to one phrase:

“It’s Murphy’s Law,” Valenti said. “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.”

What does the term “Same Old Lions” mean to you? What will it take for the Lions to break that stigma?

Let us know in comments below.


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