By Mike Campbell

MILFORD, Mich. (WWJ) – Parents and students in Milford are being warned about a case of potential stranger danger.

The warnings are coming from Huron Valley Public School officials, who are sending out text messages as well as voice emails. Martin Lindberg, the principal at Muir Middle School, sent a voice message saying that the latest incident in Milford occurred at a Starbucks restaurant where a man approached three Muir students on Tuesday.

“According to the students, the man did not speak to them, but followed them and acted strangely,” Lindberg said. “The students contacted one of their parents and notified Starbucks employees. A second incident involved several students that have witnessed an older man watching them leave the Milford Dance Company going to Taco Bell.”

Milford Police say it may be the same guy that had an incident at the library earlier this year.

Authorities are also checking out two other incidences of potential stranger danger. In Highland, an elementary school student waiting on a bus had a man approach him for help finding a cat. And, a while ago, a Kurtz Elementary School student had a transient man approach him while he was walking to a school bus stop. The man just asked for the time, but it was enough for officials to alert parents.


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