By Jeff Lesson

By: Jeff Lesson

He is the most dominant player In the world, even though he continues to choke in every Major since 2008. He has won five times this year on the PGA Tour and is ranked number one by a long shot.

But Tiger Woods has also been penalized a record three times this year. Twice for illegal drops (Dubai and Augusta) and once for moving his ball and not reporting it or putting it back in its original position. (Fed Ex Cup).

He even was shown a video of the ball moving incident and is still in complete denial of any transgression (sound familiar Lions/Suh fans?).

This calls into question his integrity. And is exactly the reason why he should not be voted Player of The Year.

The first two penalties one could argue that he did not know the rules- even though he has been on Tour since 1996. The “moving ball” is another story.

When the entire world sees Woods on video move a stick and his ball- how can he still deny it?
It clearly went down and turned and did not move back into its original position.

I also find it interesting that Woods chunked his very next shot father moving his ball- calling into question if Woods was worried about what he just did and could not focus.

No one can definitively say that Tiger “cheated” since we can never get into his mind. But these three incidents, combined with his flagrant cheating off the course, certainly makes one wonder about what is really going on here.

And it should be enough for golf writers with a vote for player of the year to vote for someone else.



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