Stoney and Bill enjoyed their weekend at The D Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. They saw concerts, had a few pops and even went to the pool. What happened at the pool couldn’t have been any better.

Stoney must have had a little too much sun, as he passed out on one of the day beds. While sleeping, one 97.1 The Ticket’s employees thought it would be a great idea to lay on Stoney as he slept. What a fabulous idea indeed!

As soon as Stoney was laid on he struggled to get loose as if someone was trying to take him from his spot or even take his wallet out of his pocket. Seeing is believing.

In the first photo Stoney is laid on and you can see the obvious struggle…


After the struggle the look of pure joy is priceless!


One other photo that must be seen by all is the enjoyment on the face of Stoney which posing with two lovely ladies.



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