By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

If you saw the Tigers last series of the regular season, you too might be concerned about this team headed into the postseason.

In case you missed it, let me quickly recap it for you…

The Tigers flat-out could not hit and they got no-hit by a 100-loss Miami Marlins.

I think that explains it all.

Since that awful series, Detroit fans collectively have started to freak out and for good reason. We all know the expectations for this team and we also all know how good the A’s are too. Add the two together and you quickly will realize, in case you haven’t already that this series will be very quick, maybe embarrassingly quick, if the Tigers don’t find their bats and fast.

But not everybody is concerned…

Detroit outfielder Torii Hunter essentially laughed when his team is accused of having a sluggish offense.

“It don’t matter if you hit 50 home runs, five home runs or scored any runs at all, what you did in the regular season don’t mean jack,” Hunter said.

The baseball vet was not messing around, he didn’t like the way the media was talking about his offense and seemed to get more aggravated with each passing question. “Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, doesn’t even matter at all,” Hunter said.

I then asked the former Twin and Angel — Is it was irritating even having to answer these questions?

“I’m letting you guys know, you want to know that so I’m going to let you know,” Hunter said. “You can sit, downgrade it, dissect it, criticize what I say but it doesn’t mean anything.”

It’s pretty obvious what Hunter thinks; the last week of the season where the Tigers failed to hit means nothing. But what about you? Are you buying what he’s selling? Let us know your ALDS predictions against the A’s and also check out the entire audio clip below. You can judge for yourself if Hunter was agitated annoyed or just answering questions as usual?


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