Last season, the MLB implemented a new playoff format by adding two more wild card teams to the postseason. The two wild card teams now play a one-game playoff to determine which team gets to play the League Divisional Series.

The Tampa Bay Rays finished one game behind the Cleveland Indians, but won the Al Wild Card game, putting them in the division series. 97.1 The Ticket’s Mike Valenti and Terry Foster believe the two added teams are a good change, but the format needs tweaking.

“I can’t help thinking this is something that’s a great idea, but it’s difficult to execute,” Valenti said on his radio show Thursday. “It cheapens the postseason.”

“It’s sort of a joke. Don’t try to sell me that this is the playoffs,” Foster said. “Playoffs are a series of games, except in football. Lets just go back to the old way. Bud Selig has made this league a joke. One day the Tigers will be there and then it will become an issue.”

Valenti and Foster believe the wild card expansion is a good change, but the teams should play a best-of-3 series and bump the division series to a best-of-7.

Do you consider the wild card games a part of the postseason or as just a play-in game?

Let us know in the comments below.


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