By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

As Tigers manager Jim Leyland was addressing the media on Sunday, he cracked a joked when talking about being home for game 3 of their divisional series with the Athletics.

“You know it’s a Monday and a lot of people are going to get docked some pay because they are not going to work tomorrow, they are going to the game, I hope that’s the case” Leyland said.

And Leyland is right…

The majority of people in the stands come Monday afternoon, no doubt will have had to call into to work or take a personal day to get to watch the game. Add that to the fact that Major League Baseball didn’t announce the game time for game 3 until after 5PM on Friday and fans have a right to be agitated?

Yes, people had their tickets purchased so maybe they planned on not working at all on Monday but for those that had wondered for days about the start time, MLB should have announced it at least a little bit earlier so workers could have cleared the time off with their superiors.

I can’t imagine how many “sick calls” bosses around Metro Detroit will be taking early this morning?

So does Leyland feel for the fans of Detroit that their game is on at 1PM on a Monday?

“They found out the same time that we did and we’re the players and the manager” Leyland said. “It’s obvious what goes on here in post season play, they try to adjust for the TV times which we certainly owe that all the respect in the world and I don’t have any problem with that. It might inconvenience some people, I guess that’s a possibility, but that’s just the way it is. We’re going to play a game tomorrow at 1:07PM I guess it is and hopefully the place will be packed.”

And I’m sure Comerica Park will be packed, however a little more notice would have been great.

Oh and the fact that the game is on the MLB Network, a station that not everybody gets, is another beef that we can’t do anything about.

Oh well, enjoy the game everybody! Don’t forget if you can’t watch it or go to it, you can always listen to it on 97.1 The Ticket starting at 12:40PM.


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