By: Sara

Last month, the celebrity duel du jour was between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West. Kanye lashed out at Kimmel on Twitter for a sketch that mocked West’s most recent interview with the BBC. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” sketch seemed harmless to most people. It was a word for word recreation of the rambling interview, and the twist was that West and the interviewer were played by children. The child actor portraying Kanye, nailed the rapper’s intensity, all while enjoying a milkshake. Not only did Kanye NOT have a sense of humor about the sketch (at the time), he actually made some of his tweets to Jimmy sound like veiled threats.

Despite the bad blood, Kanye sat down on Kimmel’s couch to clear the air on Wednesday night. Both men were cordial, and both men denied that the situation was a set up or a stunt. Not only did West use the opportunity to plead his case (saying he was especially hurt because he had considered Kimmel a friend in the industry), he also took the time to remind the world that he is “a creative genius”.

Part two of the interview started with another Kimmel sketch. This one featured a fake CD collection commercial starring Josh Groban singing all of the best Kanye West tweets in semi operatic style. For some reason, Kanye was ok with THAT sketch making fun of him, and he actually had a smile on his face as the camera cut back to West and Kimmel on the set.

At around the 4 minute mark in the second half, Kimmel gave Kanye a gift of tiny leather jogging pants for baby North West. Once the subject of fashion came up, Kanye’s brain went on overdrive, and he spent the last half of the interview laying out a nearly uninterrupted stream-of-consciousness rant on everything from civil rights, to family, to the nature of celebrity.


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