Torii Hunter made a splash at Fenway Park Sunday with an unsuccessful — and dramatic — attempt at catching a home run ball where he ended up crashing into the outfield wall.

The catch just wasn’t possible. And the Boston cop standing behind him celebrated — throwing up his arms in a victorious “V” as Hunter’s legs were in the air in obvious defeat, mirroring his pose.

The image was plastered on newspapers across the country.

For his part, Hunter told USA Today he would have done anything to make that catch, no matter what it did to his body.

“I was trying my best to just stop that ball from going over the fence. I’d sacrifice my body if I have to,” he told USA Today. “I’ve done that my whole career. This is postseason. I’d die on the field for this.”

What do you think: Was it wrong for the officer to celebrate, knowing Hunter could have been hurt? Let us know in comments below.


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