Torii Hunter To Fenway Cop In Red Sox Pen: ‘I Wish I Would Have Kicked Him In His Face’

By: Jeff Riger

Tigers right fielder Torii Hunter was a huge focal point when the team gathered at Comerica Park on Monday afternoon.

Hunter had a lot of the answers to questions the media was interested in.

One of the most pressing questions: How did he feel after falling over a wall at Fenway Park trying to catch David Ortiz’s grand slam and seeing the image of his legs flailing in the air as a cop celebrated go viral?

He wasn’t in the mood to mince words.

“The cop is supposed to be protect and serve, this son of a gun has his hands up, I better not ever see him again,” Hunter said. “Help me and then cheer, fool!”

Hunter was then shown a picture of himself flying over the fence while the cop was standing there with his hands up in jubilation.

“See that, look” Hunter said, joshing with reporters. “I sure wish I would have kicked him in his face.”

Despite the cop deciding not to help Hunter, the Red Sox bullpen pitchers did their part to make sure the Detroit veteran was OK.

“I thank the Red Sox bullpen for coming and checking on me, that was awesome” Hunter said. They could have (been celebrating) but they put that aside and tried to take care of human life unlike the cop…terrible!”

I asked Hunter if he even knew who the cop was.

“Obviously I didn’t, yeah he didn’t help me at all! Protect and serve, take that off his badge” Hunter joked.

More questions were lobbed at Hunter: Will he undergo concussion tests?

How does he possibly forget about game 2’s brutal, gut-wrenching loss and start preparing for game 3?

Hunter is fine, he will sort of undergo concussion tests and he’s a professional so he will be ready to play game 3.

Listen below to Hunter talking JV and the Fenway Cop he wanted to kick in the face.

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