Jonny Gomes: “Guys With Beards And Beards In General Are Pretty Tough”

By: Jeff Riger

Yeah, I know the Red Sox have that “beard thing” going for them and, I guess it’s kinda cool.

I’m all for team unity and it’s pretty obvious that Red Sox nation has rallied around all their bearded ball players but there is one aspect of the whole thing that I just don’t understand…

What’s up with dudes grabbing other dudes beards? That’s gotta hurt!

So we decided to find out…

Boston’s Johnny Gomes seems to be the mastermind behind the beard craze in Boston, he even wears a shirt that reads “can I buy you a beard” so I figured he was the perfect person to ask.

“It doesn’t hurt as bad as you think” Gomes said. “I guess guys with beards and beards in general are pretty tough so it’s I guess a hand shake that hasn’t been used yet”

So what about guys without beards on the team? Do the guys that have beards look down on the guys without?

“No not by any means, it’s not their fault, it’s probably their parents fault for the genes they passed them down to them-some people just weren’t blessed with the facial hair dream” Gomes said.

Did it take some getting used to, to going up to a guy and grabbing his beard, like the Red Sox did on Tuesday night to Mike Napoli after his solo homer off of Justin Verlander?

“Not by any means, all these beards are very hands on – I think I think it’s an honor for someone to grab your beard with their hands full of pine tar and batting gloves” Gomes said.

Watch the video above to find out all you could ever want to know about the Red Sox beards.

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