By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

Sometime during the remainder of the ALCS, Tigers fans will think or say — at least to themselves — “God, I wish we had QB back.”

As you probably know, Quintin Berry has moved on from Detroit and currently plays for the Red Sox. In fact he came into game 1, stole 2nd base and then did his classic QB celebration afterwards to the chagrin of Detroiters everywhere.

But, there is good news: he seems to miss you as much as you miss him.

“I appreciate them (Detroit) for everything they’ve done for me and my family, they made me feel at home ever since I got here, they showed me nothing but love and I appreciate every single one of them,” Berry said.

Berry still seems scarred from not making the Tigers out of spring training.

“It hurt man, it hurt a lot, yeah it definitely hurt coming out of spring training not being a part of this team you know, it felt like I was part of that family (Tigers) for a while but I’m kind of happy with the new family (Red Sox) that I found” Berry said.

The pinnacle moment in “QB-mania” had to have been when the apparel shops at Comerica Park started to sell his jersey, something that Berry remembers well saying, “I saw someone the other day on the street, she took off her jacket and showed me (her Berry jersey) to let me know that even on the other side that she was still representing me, so that was pretty awesome to see.”

Watch the entire Berry video as he talks about how extra special it would be to beat the Tigers in the ALCS, not just because the Red Sox would be in the World Series, but also because he beat the team that no longer wanted him.

Also let us know; Was it a mistake letting Berry leave the Tigers?


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