DETROIT (WWJ) – Cherries, musty basement, pears, pomegranate and cat pee.  All of those terms are used to describe wine and not all of them are derogatory.

Each Tuesday night nearly 40 people come to the Papa Joes Market in Rochester for an informal wine tasting.

Wine Papa Joes (1)At the helm, wine professional Sean Mankowski.  “What does this wine remind you of?” shouts Mankowski to the chatty crowd as he holds up a glass of wine.

“Musty basement” yells one participant.  When asked, the taster  says he likes the wine, he’s using those words to describe what he says is “the old world way” the wine was made.  As for the term “cat pee” Mankowski says that’s often used by pro’s to describe a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

He says it’s a little indelicate but it does describe certain wine!

During this event many tasters take notes, often using fruits as associations.

Mankowski says the tastings are a way for people to try new wines without buying a whole bottle.  Local wine shops say tastings are becoming a popular venue to meet friends or make new ones.


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