Doug Karsch Isn’t A Fan Of Golden Tate’s TD Celebration

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tatetaunt Doug Karsch Isnt A Fan Of Golden Tates TD Celebration

By: Evan Jankens

Everyone loves a good TD celebration, unless you are Doug Karsch. Karsch thinks that Golden Tate almost cost his team the victory as he was celebrating and waving on his way to the end zone. I disagree with Doug. Yes, the defender was able to get his two hands on Tate but Tate was never in jeopardy of actually getting caught. Personally I like the celebration and the waiving to the defender. If the defender had a problem with it maybe he should have stepped up his game and actually prevented Tate from scoring the TD.

I say bravo to Mr. Tate. And you Doug are no longer the veteran young guy, you are just old.

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