Don’t Be Afraid Of Detroit Campaign Aims To Curb City’s Bad Reputation

DETROIT (WWJ) – There’s so much negativity attached to the city of Detroit with high crime, now bankruptcy. Entrepreneur and musician and DJ, Salvatore Aiello is trying to change all that… one t-shirt at a time.

Aiello is taking to the streets and to the Internet selling hoodies, t-shirts, wristbands and hats with the “Don’t Be Afraid Of Detroit” slogan. Born and raised in Detroit, Aiello is enjoying the early success of his project.

“The positiveness of this just took off amazingly. This is the most positive thing I’ve ever been involved in my life, and it’s just really exciting to share it with people because I love the city of Detroit,” he said.

About the city’s outlook Aiello added optimistically, “We’re an underdog. We’re coming back. We’re going to win. We’re going to be the champion.”

Why shouldn’t people be afraid of Detroit? Aiello underscores the difference between being afraid and being reckless.

“There is danger in every big city. There’s bad people everywhere. You’ve just got to be careful. Just don’t be afraid,” he said.

Promoting a positive message while supporting his business model, Aiello has made many sales of his merchandise locally, but the international market is where he’s seeing potential.

“Got an order from Germany last week. Somebody sent me a picture of them in the front row of an Eminem concert also in Germany,” he said.

Learn more and connect with the Don’t Be Afraid Of Detroit movement on their website and Facebook.

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