DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Diving into the local dating pool, and coming up empty-handed? You may have to leave town.

The dating website surveyed 453,000 members to find the cities where women are most — and least — likely to respond to a simple overture for a date.

Detroit women were ranked the second pickiest in the country.

Brooklyn women were rated most picked, followed by Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for love and willing to pick up stakes check this out: women in Jersey City, New Jersey, are considered most likely to respond to a request for a date. Women in Miami, St. Louis, Las Vegas and Portland were also considered more approachable for prospective love.

But don’t blame the victim.

One woman told the New York Post that online dating has made men lazy, complaining she deleted her dating profile because of the ridiculous messages piling up in her inbox.

“Some guy said, ‘Hello, do you like sex?’ That’s the first thing he says to me,” she complained.

So, who’s at fault — picky women or lazy men? Vote in our poll below.


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