By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

When a team hires a new manager, there are always so many storylines and sub-plots that fill up reporters notebooks or, I guess Twitter feeds these days.

The naming of Brad Ausmus as the Tiger’s new skipper is no different…

On Sunday afternoon, when Ausmus was announced as Detroit’s new manager, there was a lot to take in. From the 18 years he spent in the majors to the fact that Ausmus was a catcher that has relatively no managerial experience all be written about and talked about as people continue to form their opinions as to whether the former Tiger will make it as the new skipper?

But what about the old skipper?

Did Dave Dombrowski ask Jim Leyland what he thought of Ausmus? Did he get the Leyland seal of approval?”

“Jim (Leyland) has always known about Brad, because he knows Gene Lamont so well and the first thing he said was that he’s brilliant” Dombrowski said.

Dombrowski actually was on the phone with Leyland as he was driving to interview Ausmus and because Leyland was pushing so hard for his old hitting coach, Lloyd McClendon to get the job, that was essentially the end of the conversation until Sunday afternoon.

“Today when I talked to him (Leyland) he was very happy for him (Ausmus), he’s happy for Gene (Lamont) that he is back, (as the bench coach) and he said I will help him however I can and he knows he’s a resource” Dombrowski said.

Dombrowski was also asked if he reached out to Randy Smith, the current Vice President of Player Development and international scouting for the San Diego Padres?

Dombrowski would not comment, which is understandable, considering he fired Smith back when he was the general manager in Detroit and ended up being his replacement in 2002.

Listen to the entire audio clip as Dombrowski talks more about Leyland talking about Ausmus.


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