By Christy Strawser, digital director

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) The Detroit Tigers hired a new manager over the weekend — and it turns out even with Jim Leyland gone, the dugout will still be smoking.

That’s right, the ladies like Brad Ausmus.

The reaction was swift from the women of Twitter. Suddenly the hashtag #mancandy was being used in descriptions of the MLB’s newest manager.


Click HERE to see the Ausmus topless photo Karsch and Anderson are talking about.

Otherwise, the verdict is out on the guy who has virtually no Major League Baseball management experience. Some applaud the bold choice, saying catchers are known to make the best managers.

Others think it was a desperate move by a team that’s in no way desperate.

Player Torii Hunter made his feelings known quickly, Tweeting a welcome.

Ausmus has been married to Liz Ausmus since 1995; They have two daughters.

But that’s isn’t stopping some from dreaming of their future with Ausmus. A bevy of women reported on Twitter that they plan to attend more games next year.


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