Brandon Marshall On Titus Young: ‘We Shouldn’t Make Fun Of Him’

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Titus Young asleep at a local AT&T store. (Photo: courtesy, Ryan Randolph)

Titus Young asleep at a local AT&T store. (Photo: courtesy, Ryan Randolph)

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By Jeff Riger

Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall has a mental disorder that he was very open about when he was playing with the Dolphins.  Marshall was diagnosed and is being treated for borderline personality disorder, which is characterized as a “serious mental illness.”

Wednesday afternoon Marshall talked to the Detroit media about the upcoming Bears-Lions game at Soldier Field on Sunday and was asked about former Detroit receiver Titus Young, who had a much-publicized meltdown complete with a series of arrests. 

Marshall said he tried to reach out to Young when he got in trouble last season and eventually did.

“I spoke to Titus early on in the process, I spoke to some of his family members, but it got to a point where it was in other’s peoples hands, I wish I was able to get to him earlier,” Marshall said, adding “Unfortunately, it got worse.”

Marshall said he ended up feeling bad when Young became a “punch line” around the NFL after he was released from the Lions.

“When you see a guy struggling, we shouldn’t make fun of him” Marshall said.  “He (Young) was a punch line for many weeks on ESPN, NFL Network, Twitter and all the social media sites. But no one understood that the longer he was going to go untreated, the worse it was going to get.”

“That’s a good illustration for all of us how things can turn out if we don’t take care of ourselves early.”

Hear the complete interview HERE.

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