By: Jamie Samuelsen

Is it possible that the ultimate landing spot for the most controversial player in the NFL could be Detroit?

Let me say for the record that the chances of that happening are slim and none.

But there are widespread reports that guard Richie Incognito has played his last game for the Dolphins. And there’s little doubt that a player of Incognito’s talent will end up on another NFL roster.

Peter King, one of the most respected football writers in America, wrote in his “Monday Morning Quarterback” that Detroit might be one of the leading candidates.

“As I reported Sunday on NBC, I believe if Incognito is released by the Dolphins he has a good chance to find a home down the stretch with a playoff contender. Now, for that to happen, the team would have to have executives and a head coach with thick skins, a locker room that could see past the controversy and a team with eyes on the Super Bowl that could withstand the distraction Incognito would bring. I see a few of those teams that could tune out the outside world if they felt a good guard was worth it: New Orleans. Seattle. Denver. Detroit.” (

A few things here…

1) We should all be flattered and a little excited that King lumps the Lions in with Seattle, New Orleans and Denver as “teams with their eyes on the Super Bowl.”

2) The Lions have some holes in the secondary, but one place they are set is at the guard position. Rob Sims and Larry Warford are both performing at a Pro Bowl level. Unless one of those two gets hurt, I don’t even see a need for Incognito.

3) Everything is going well this year for the Lions. The locker room seems stable. Gone are the distractions and troublemakers of years past. Why would Martin Mayhew or Jim Schwartz do anything to change that?

The answer is that they wouldn’t. I understand the logic of King’s point. And we all understand that football is ultimately about talent, it’s not about being a Boy Scout. But Incognito is way too much of a wildcard and way too toxic to mix into what’s turning into a very special season in Detroit.

Thanks for the idea Peter. But no thanks.


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