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By: Evan Jankens

Tiger Woods took over the golf world in 1996 when he turned pro. And then he took over the social media/paparazzi world in 2009 when he crashed his Escalade into a tree, either with or without his beautiful then-wife chasing him with a golf club.

Lately, Woods has been trying to return to pre-2009 form and trying to win a major. So far he is unsuccessful. Enter Tiger’s niece, Cheyenne Woods, who is the daughter of his half-brother Earl Dennison Woods Jr. (Earl and Tiger share the same father).

Cheyenne and Tiger have quite a bit in common besides their last name. They both shared a great golf coach in her grandfather, his dad, Earl Woods. Cheyenne, 23, turned pro in 2012 and won her first professional event at the SunCoast Ladies Series in 2012 as well.

In the above video is shows Woods doing the same trick shots that her uncle created for a Nike commercial back in 1999.

Who did the trick shots better?


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