By Ashley Dunkak

ALLEN PARK (CBS DETROIT) – When Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall compared the Detroit Lions to the annoying little brother who wants to go along with his older brother, everyone knew Marshall was pandering to a crowd. An easy explanation, to be sure, since the Bears lost to the Lions both games in 2013.

Many felt Marshall crossed a line, however, when he took something of a low blow at the city of Detroit.

“No you can’t go Detroit Lions,” he said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “Sit back. Sit in your little city. Know what I mean? Fix your financial problems and all of that. You can’t come with us right now.”

Detroit wide receiver Nate Burleson did not approve.

“Don’t bully us, man. Don’t bully my city,” Burleson said. “That’s all I’ve got to say. It’s unnecessary. We play football for a living.

“Just don’t talk about my city,” Burleson added. “I take a lot of pride in Detroit. Detroit has given me a lot in my lifetime as an adult. I’m not going to sit up and let somebody talk bad about my city. I know he was kind of joking, seemed like there was a crowd in it, so maybe he was just trying to be funny, but save that for the comedians.”

Lions safety Glover Quin did not appreciate Marshall’s comments either, protesting them immediately on Twitter.


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