Shootin 3s all day. No big. 🙌 #jordan #game6

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By: Evan Jankens

Playing basketball against Michael Jordan would be a dream come true. Playing NBA 2k14 with Michael Jordan would be amazing as well. Playing beer pong with Michael Jordan really doesn’t do anything for me but I wouldn’t turn it down. I don’t drink too often but now that I think about it, I would pick up the habit if it meant MJ and I could become BFFs.

On the Instagram account citygirlsintl are photos of Mr. Jordan himself wearing an Air Jordan t-shirt and a pair of the Concord Jordan XIs just casually playing beer pong. The first question that comes to my mind is how can I become friends with the holder of this Instagram account in order to get invited to a party like this? Secondly, I wonder if Jordan just dominates at beer pong? In the picture below I wonder who the dude is with the beat up pair of Jordan sandles … and why can’t he get a new pair? He is STANDING next to Michael Jordan himself. (See below.)

What celebrity would you like to play beer pong with? Leave a comment below or tweet me @Kingofthekc.

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