By Sara
Antonio Cromartie is famous for being a New York Jet and for being the father of 10 children from eight women. But, miracle of miracles, he finally figured out that there are ways to slow down all of that baby making. According to a new book, Cromartie finally chose to get a vasectomy. “Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside The Turbulent World Of Football” is a story about the 2011 New York Jets. In the book, Cromartie tells the author, “I got snipped.” The book goes on: “Eric Smith surveyed the jubilant, excised cornerback and said fondly, “I wish it had calmed him down.”

The vasectomy may not have calmed Antonio down, but it does mean that he won’t have to memorize the names of any additional children. Who could forget the infamous 2010 “Hard Knocks” episode where Cromartie struggled to remember the names of all his kids.


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