Jean-Claude Van Damme Splits His Way Back Into The Spotlight

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By Sara

Hats off to Volvo and Jean-Claude Van Damme for pulling off quite a spectacular stunt. The car company released a video that shows the muscles from Brussels standing on the side mirrors of two big trucks driving in reverse, side by side. Slowly you realize that the trucks are moving apart as Van Damme sinks into his trademark splits. The goal was to promote “Volvo Dynamic Steering” and I say job well done on that front. The trailers on those semis stay completely straight and don’t move a hair while they are backing up. Thank goodness, or there could have been some serious Vandammage to very valuable man parts!

According to Volvo, the video was done at a closed airport in Spain using no camera tricks or CGI. They waited for sunrise and Jean-Claude nailed it in one take. I am just hoping the producers had some frozen peas or ice packs waiting for the Van Groin when all was said and done.

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